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Karen Russell

Thank you for visiting. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2013. It was shocking as I was a nonsmoker with no symptoms. Who knew nonsmokers could get this terrible disease?? (It has taken me a year to fully get my head around this.) I had my upper right lobe removed in January 2014. It was a difficult surgery, but GOD blessed me with a wonderful surgeon and a husband who was a complete rock star. The pathology report showed the tumor was an Adenocarcinoma staged at 1A. Today I am cancer free, but continue to monitor my situation with regular CT scans.

I want others to know that nonsmokers can and do get this disease.

Together, we can make a difference. Can't wait to meet other survivors to encourage and hug you!! :-)

Thank you.

Love, Karen



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1. GCGenia Carr
Best of luck to you on your run! I know it will be a great celebration for you. Genia
2. AKAnthony Kaufman
I'm here for you. Love, Tony
3. TTom & Cyd Frank
All Things are possible with God! You are 10 times stronger than you think you are. Together we can fight this thing called Cancer!!! Thanks for making a difference.
4. KCKathy Clements
Love you, Karen. Thank God you are a survivor!
5. LSLinda Stevenson
You go girl! ??
6. BRBarbara Riddle
Ty and I love you dearly and though we can't run, we support you in this commitment of your life. May God continue to bless Tony and you. Barbara